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The Château d’Amboise

Visit Amboise and its château

From its headland overlooking the town of Amboise, the Royal Château will allow you to enjoy a 360-degree view over a landscape that is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you’ll also be able to step into the depths of France’s history. History isn’t just made up of lists of names and dates – it has a physical element that you can touch with your own hands, like here in Amboise. Through its structure, its decor, and its well preserved or restored internal and external ornamentations, this grandiose palace belonging to Charles VIII and Francis I is a testimony to the changes Europe went through during the 15th and 16th centuries. The château’s orangery has a special area housing 3D models that retrace the modifications to the building from its origins to today. It’s the perfect way to find out about the historic and strategic importance of the Châteliers headland.

The château’s heyday really began with the reigns of Louis XI, Charles VII and Francis I. Even if they didn’t reside there all the time, staying at Loches or Chinon instead, the queens moved it and started works, progressively transforming the medieval fortified space into a majestic Gothic palace. Charles VIII made the château into what it is today, along with Francis I after him. He is responsible for the two towers named the “Tours Cavalières” (Cavaliers’ Towers), since they allow horses and carriages to get from the town to the terraces, which are 40 metres higher. The greatest French, Flemish and Italian artists worked on the construction of this monument of 220 rooms. A result of all the construction and modification projects are the breathtaking collections of furniture and other works of art.