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The Clos Lucé

Visit Amboise and the Clos Lucé

It was at the Clos Lucé where Leonardo da Vinci spent his final days 500 years ago. He had moved in there at the behest of Francis I three years prior, along with all his sketches and notebooks, plus three major paintings. You’ll enter the intimate world of the Italian master, from the large Renaissance hall through the kitchen and on to his bedroom. The museum collection showcases models, canvases and large machines of this great scientist, philosopher and humanist, and it continues into the garden, where an interesting and interactive trail lets you continue exploring his universe. The building itself is worth checking out, with its classic structure of red brick and tufa stone, nestled amid a charming park. Step into the daily life of Leonardo as though you knew him. The monumental fireplaces and the floor coverings from the bedroom to the workshop have remained intact, as if ready for Leonardo to walk back through the door. It’ll quench your thirst – your thirst for knowledge, life and discovery, as well as for delving deeper into the mind of Leonardo da Vinci. As part of their visit, children can also enjoy an activity book. Called the Carnet de l’Inventeur, it will transform them into pupils of Leonardo da Vinci, who will give them hints and tips to invent things themselves. All they’ll need is a pencil!