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The Mini-châteaux park

Visit Touraine and its parks

Just 3 km from the hotel, discover an outstanding park which brings you closer to history, giving you a real bird's eye view. Indeed, in this two-hectare wooded park, discover 41 of the most beautiful castles of the Loire, without moving an inch from Amboise! It’s a fun way to take a step back in time, quite literally; at your feet and reduced to a 1:25 scale, discover the likes of Saumur, Villandry, Chambord, the Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud and Sully-sur-Loire in Angers. No architectural detail has been spared, with the proportions and colours of the façades spot on. This is history for every woman, man and child. Furthermore, children can enjoy a unique, fun and safe trail programme that makes the visit more amusing. This can be enjoyed by car (miniature car) or mechanical horse (the children can also dress up as a knight or princess).

Young and old alike will also love the many gardens. Both the natural miniature gardens, pruned 6 to 7 times a year, around models and the life-sized ones. The latter, whether pruned in straight lines (French-style) or given a more liberal, rustic appearance (English-style), will astound you. The Jardin des Senteurs (the Garden of Scents) in particular is worth visiting with your eyes closed.