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The Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire

Visit Touraine and its châteaux

From a medieval stronghold around the year 1000 to a majestic stately home at the turn of the 20th century, few places have seen as many changes as the Château de Chaumont! Visiting this magnificent monument and stepping into the different rooms, offices and guard rooms is like a journey through the history of architecture. It’s truly fascinating to pass from the relative darkness of the Ruggieri Room to the lighter bedroom of Catherine de Medici, and to notice in the stone of the grand spiral staircase how Gothic motifs make way for Renaissance foliage. While some subsequent developments were the work of numerous later owners, they are all in harmony with the surroundings.

Visiting the private apartments, you’ll discover luxurious furniture of Empire and Renaissance style. Then, see the large surrounding gardens. Dating from 1880, they were adapted at the request of the Princess and Prince de Broglie, and include the stables. Even if you’re not very interested in horses, you’ll be dazzled by the luxury of the buildings intended for housing the carriage and saddle horses, whether half-blood or pure-blood. 
Since 1992, the gardens have hosted the International Garden Festival, a showcase of modern creativity in the area of gardening and landscaping throughout the world. Both a mine of ideas and a hotbed of talent, the festival has reinvigorated the art of gardening and has interested both the profession and the wider public by presenting new floral arrangements and materials, as well as fresh ideas and approaches.